About Caro SpinetteA puzzle, once assembled in a clear picture, loses its interest. The chase is over, the time dedicated to make pieces fall into place belongs to the past. 

The pieces of my puzzle are gathered around this website, through words, items and images. Textual, visual and physical tales of peace, beautymortality

A traditional About page would take all the fun away, and I don’t believe your imagination deserves such undermining treatment.

So here’s a little starter:

Hi, I’m Caro. I’m a multidisciplinary maker of things who loves to get shit done. I’m a big believer in the World as a better place.

This page is about my imperfect dreams.

I believe in caring, sharing and empowering. I believe in people with dreams, big or small.

I believe

in people being stronger together
in a sense of belonging, of community, support
in the soothing power of a beautiful thing, in Art
in collaborating, giving, sharing
in family
in making the most of each moment on earth
in living life to the full
in being ourselves
in the power of self-belief
in having the courage to make a change
in slowing down time through mindfulness
in sharing food
in being attentive and generous to make a difference in people’s life
in taking the time
in pushing boundaries to create powerful things
in progress, solutions, improvement
in confidence boosts
in hard work.

in Life.

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