Graham Beck Brut Rosé NV

Many of us live by the rule that sparkling wine (and especially Champagne) should be kept for special occasions. Here’s my counter-argument:

You waking up this morning is a special occasion in itself.

“Life’s too short” are the four words why you would often find me with a glass of sparkling in my hand. But let’s keep things real, money doesn’t grow on tree yet, so finding a sparkling wine that ticks your fussy boxes whilst stroking your budget’s ego is a total win-win.

This is where I introduce you to one of my best mates: G-Beck. Their South African sparkling wines deliver the quality (and method of production) of champagne at the price of a Crémant, and I would choose it over a glass of Veuve Clicquot NV any day of the week.

It is a favourite of our team at work, and one that as a result has gained quite a following amongst our customers and friends. Add some sparkles to your week: get your hands on this bad boy.